The Austrian family company with headquarters in Laizing, is active in the areas of safety at work and manufacturing technology, through six companies in three countries, with 145 employees.
Since 2012, a completely new product has supplemented the range: In the Mevisto gemstone manufacture, personalised gemstones are manufactured from the biogenic materials (hair or ash) of humans or animals - a globally unique process.
The various core skills of the individual companies create a combination of specialised expertise and innovative force, regional production, and, therefore, huge value creation in the region. This is coupled with the flexibility to react to the market, thanks to research, development, planning, and production.

The INNOTECH group considers itself a reliable business partner whose word is its bond, and a collaborative pioneer for the definition of standards relating to safety at work.
INNOTECH thus invests around 2 million euro in the development of new industrial safety products, with a focus on end-products which provide maximum safety at work, however, which are simple to use. The most modern 3D simulation programs, prototyping, specialised machine construction, and accumulated know-how create a product portfolio which is perfectly adjusted to the changing demands of the market.

The company group relies on equally strong partner companies abroad, who implement product quality, know-how, and state of the art products internationally.

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