INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz GmbH


INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz GmbH, founded in 2001, is a family company with headquarters in Kirchham, around 60 km south of Linz, Austria.From the very beginning, the company has set international standards in the area of occupational safety, and leads the further development of innovative products in different industries. The company is one of the largest in Europe specialised exclusively in the production of anchorage devices.

In the area of occupational safety, INNOTECH is the joint author of the planning documents for ÖNORM B 3417 (an Austrian standard), and is a joint founder of the international working group D.A.CH.S.,which consists of experts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Tirol, and whose aim is to create cross-border regulations for fall protection systems.Our motto "How you protect lives" is intended to sensitise people towards worker protection and safety at work, and to raise consciousness of its importance. Occupational safety is not a matter of quantity, but rather of quality. Since the foundation of INNOTECH, this has been the company's philosophy.


INNOTECH Worker protection and safety at work.

Ensuring safe working means complying with technical, organisational, and also personal prerequisites when working. In Austria and Germany, specific government departments are responsible for worker protection, and various professional organisations are responsible for the control of appropriate safety when working on roofs. Under the laws relating to the coordination of construction work, the employer or the customer/person in charge of construction is obliged to comply with the legal provisions for worker protection (and here in particular the regulation relating to worker protection). If a work accident occurs on a roof, and no appropriate advance measures related to the worker protection guidelines were taken, then the employer is liable.

So that all legal, moral, and ethical requirements can be complied with, INNOTECH believes that its mission is to pass on its knowledge to customers, partners, and employees in many ways such as detailed training.In this way, the high level of expertise of the current 145 employees (with 10 working in Research and Development, 14 on special solutions for worker protection, and another 30 in distribution) guarantees optimum customer support in all phases of a project.

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