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Elephant house Hellabrunn, Munich

After years of renovations, this home for the elephants, which was designed by the architect Emanuel von Seidl and completed in 1914, shone again.

 Elephant house, Hellabrunn, Munich Zoo
 Elephant house, Hellabrunn, Munich Zoo
 Elephant house, Hellabrunn, Munich Zoo

Since then, a customized TAURUS rail system follows the roof dome and ensures safety during cleaning and maintenance works. As ammonia vapours had taken a heavy toll on the building, extensive renovation was necessary. The original dome of the historically significant Byzantine-style construction was demolished in autumn 2014 and rebuilt anew, but in the exact same style as the original.

The building is under historical preservation and was an especially challenging project, which INNOTECH gladly took on with its fitting partner SAFETECH. A TAURUS rail system was installed in the dome area on a steel construction. Almost 20 metres of the rail elements used were specially curved to fit the dome’s radii.

Since the standing seams end in a conic shape, INNOTECH experts used the fastening set AIO-FALZ-45 for some extra lateral space. Approximately 76 metres of AIO lifeline systems encircle the dome on double standing seams with FALZ-45. This system for maintenance and cleaning of the roof surface and gutters also had to have a conic shape.

At the point of transfer between the upper and lower building areas, the planners were faced with another challenge: while the rails were set on the left side, a system facing right was intended for the lower section. Once again, the AIO-FALZ-45 system was selected, with a centred rail system. The reliability of the restraint systems on the elephant house is especially crucial: it is necessary to prevent anyone from slipping underneath the roof edge.

Thanks to its automatic centrifugal braking function, the TAURUS-GLEIT-A-30 rail slider provides the necessary safety for both vertical and horizontal use. INNOTECH remains the only company in the world that offers such a system! The safety systems mounted on the elephant house make it possible to keep the brand-new dome in good condition while the elephant cows Temi, Mangala, Panang and Steffi can rest assured that they do not receive uninvited visitors from above.

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