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Max Aicher Arena - Inzell, Germany

The roof and enclosure of the 400 m long Max Aicher Arena has an inner radius of 21 metres and an outer radius of 33 metres.

Max Aicher Arena, Innzell, Austria - lifeline system
Max Aicher Arena, Innzell, Austria - lifeline system
Max Aicher Arena, Innzell, Austria - lifeline system

It shelters two racing tracks and a training rink, each of which is four metres wide. The straightaways are 113.57 metres long. In the naturally snowrich area, the foil roof was given an incline and a steel construction prevents snow build-up from sliding off. Still, even the roof of an ice rink is not impervious to wind and weather over the years, so maintenance works must be carried out here also.

The first challenge: while normal lifeline systems run as close to the roof cladding as possible, the AIO system in this case had to be mounted on the steel snow-catching construction. What is more, the limited load-bearing capacity of the wooden substructure made it necessary to place supports around corners. All the while, the system was to feature a continuous cable for uninhibited end-to-end movement.

The AIO-EDLE-19 curved retaining brackets were formed on location with a special pipe bender in order to perfectly fit the roof’s oval shape. It was also essential for this project that the posts offered sufficient stability to withstand the pressure exerted by the accumulated snow. Thanks to the outstanding collaboration with our fitting partner SAFETECH, who worked closely with the building owners to ensure that the snow catchers were designed to be sufficiently stable for the fall prevention system, INNOTECH was also able to overcome this challenge as well. Our partnership with SAFETECH has yielded several successful projects since it began in 2006.

The 785 m of AIO lifeline system installed here make sure that everything runs as smoothly up on the roof as it does on the ice below. Several World and European Championships, as well as other high-level competitions, have already been successfully staged in this popular arena, and nothing stands in the way of many more.

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