Lifeline systems/Rail systems

INNOTECH. Lifeline systems.

Lifeline systems are used for roping up people equipped who have personal protective equipment, so that they can carry out work on roofs and façades. Through the use of lifeline systems, thorough and traversable fall prevention is ensured.
INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz GmbH is a professional in the planning of complex solutions.

Every component and therefore every system can be adapted to different roof and façade structures. This creates highly developed products whose specifications are defined by our in-house development team, and which enable the use of these  individual lifeline systems on very different substructures.


INNOTECH. Rail systems.

"TAURUS" is a sophisticated rail system made from aluminium, for use on all substructures.
Flexible track connections, end stops, and joints are simple to install, and the optionally available curve and bow elements adapt the system to the actual construction conditions in the best possible way.

People working in fall hazard locations can thus attach themselves to the mobile anchorage point, and move around completely unimpeded along the complete length of the rail.

If a fall then does occur, the "Allroundgleiter" locks immediately in all directions. The Vertikal and the Allround versions are also fitted with an automatic delay unit, the so-called "Speed Control", which can recognise speeds of fall velocity


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