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Horizontal lifeline system KIT-BOX-1

To better meet the needs of the user, the LIFELINE-KIT product line has been replaced by KIT-BOX.

Our new product INNOTECH KIT-BOX completely replaces the LIFELINE-KIT.


To meet the needs of the users, we offer two different lengths (15 m and 30 m). The advantage is the easier handling. The horizontal lifeline system is ideal for installation on different substructures. Approved for 4 people (including 1 person for first aid), it is ideal for all kinds of construction works, such as steel, façade, industry and bridge construction. In addition, the space-saving pre-assembled bucket packaging allows easy transport to site.

  • No INNOTECH training required
  • Standardised end lock
  • Passable with carabiner. No cable glider required
  • Stackable
  • KIT-BOX 30m including 1 intermediate bracket (LIFELINE-KIT-SZH-10)
  • Certified according to EN 795:2012 TYP C
  • Launch mid 2019

Datasheet KIT-BOX



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