Skylight protection system MOBI


Mobile skylight protection system including temporary single anchor po

The MOBI mobile skylight fall-through protection from INNOTECH is used both as a fall-through protection system, and also as a single anchor point for one person.

For the temporary protection of skylights.

Can additionally be used as a single anchor point.

Simple and quick installation by means of holding straps.

Attached by a lashing strap to the skylight causes no damage to the


Optimum for short-term tasks.

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EAP-MOBI - Technical data

Sizes: 2 x 2 m (max. skylight size 1.5 x 1.5 m)

3 x 3 m (max. skylight size 2.7 x 2.7 m)

Material: plastic, galvanised steel


mesh net for covering the skylight inlcuding lashing strap


(Lashing strap can be also used as single anchor point!)





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