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End lock ENDS-50 A2 for lifeline systems


All-In-One end lock, not passable

The ALLinONE lifeline system from INNOTECH has been developed as a restraint system, fall arrest system, and rescue system.

For use as a restraint, fall arrest, and rescue system.

Universal components ensure optimum adjustmentto complex structural shapes indoors and outdoors.

Optimum fastening options on all substructures.

Minimum cable sag thanks to great base stability and consistentspring pre-tension.

Simple product selection and installation by means of combination end lock.

Small number of roof penetrations thanks to wide post spacings up to 15 m.

All lifeline system components manufactured from high-quality stainless steel andaluminium.

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AIO-ENDS-50-A2 - Technical data

Material: stainless steel (AISI 304), aluminium (anodised)


This end lock is for a non passable cable span with integrated shock force absorption!


For a cable span with a corner set, a second AIO-ENDS-50 is required, for a straight cable span an

AIO-ENDS-51 is required!






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