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The INNOTECH® group is a reliable business partner whose word is its bond. The INNOTECH® Arbeitsschutz GmbH is represented by a skilled team operating from Austria but also on site, implementing product quality, know-how, and state of the art products in France.

The following team supports you in France in all phases of your indvidual project(s). Just call us or write us an e-mail!

Rely on us for your planning!

Rely on us for your planning!

Not only is planning a legal requirement, it also fulfils the obligation to save lives.

Safety products on roofs is our particular speciality.
Entrust us with your unanswered questions, and count on expert quality from INNOTECH®. We tie together your total package.

We are always to the state of the art, and we work out the most suitable solution for you, cost-efficiently and economically. Tailor-made and specifically for you!

We provide training just like we plan. Precisely, painstakingly - sustainably. Well executed planning is extremely important to us, and is one of the focal points of our safety training sessions - sharing our knowledge is our mission.

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We are happy to pass on the knowledge which we have gathered over the years as a manufacturer of industrial safety products and as a company that thinks laterally. INNOTECH® provides information through product-specific training sessions and presentations about state of the art products.

In 2-day intensive training sessions, participants obtain a compact overview of the legal situation, applicable standards and liability, as well as about our products and their compliant use.

In our in-house test laboratory fulfilling the latest requirements, the participants are intimate observers of product testing, and they themselves install INNOTECH® products.

On the second day you install INNOTECH® products yourself in our product theme park, with its brand new equipment.

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