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Safety systems for special situations

Temporary protection TEMP


On construction sites or in industry there are situations where temporary fall protection is required.


TEMP temporary protection provides solutions for these special situations. In addition, the mobile systems adapt themselves individually to very varied fastening options, such as round columns, steel construction, wooden structures, etc.

  • Temporary use for special situations
  • Simple and quick installation and removal
  • Solutions for single anchor points, lifeline systems, and skylight protection


Lifeline systems for temporary use

The TEMP LIFELINE SYSTEM from INNOTECH is very simple and quick to install and remove, and is therefore especially suitable for short-term installation requirements on building sites or on industrial construction sites with very varied support ...



Lifeline systems for temporary use on a ridge

The AIO-TFS-TEMP SYSTEM from INNOTECH is the perfect protective measure when setting up roof trusses. The system is already attached to the wooden structure of the roof truss on the ground, and it provides protection to the installer while he ...



Mobile skylight protection system including temporary single anchor po

The EAP-MOBI skylight fall-through protection system from INNOTECH can be used as fall-through protection, and also as a single anchor point for one person. It guarantees ideal safety, especially for clearing or maintenance work, and is extremely ...


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