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The variable railing system

Guardrail System BARRIER


When accessing areas at height, edges (such as roof edges, working platforms, etc.) represent a danger area.


One option for securing this danger area, both for construction work and for later servicing and maintenance tasks, consists of installing a guardrail system. As collective protection, the BARRIER guardrail system solves this problem by eliminating the danger which results from an edge.

  • Universally usable thanks to variants held by superimposed load or by fixed attachment to structural components
  • Economical thanks to rapid installation through wide post separations
  • Robust because of weather-resistant aluminium railings - 100 % plasticiser-free
  • Colour can be harmonised by means of surface anodisation
  • Easy to retrofit because of low weight-loading on flat roof
  • Flexibility through compensation of differences in roof level up to 12.5 cm
  • Railings can be inclined at 90° and 75°
  • Certifications to the latest state of the art:
    EN 13374:2019
    DIN EN 14122-3:2016
    DIN 14094-2:2017


Guardrail system with weights as superimposed load

The BARRIER-VARIO-SYSTEM is a version of the BARRIER guardrail system which is held by superimposed load and is simple to install. Without any roof penetration at all, it is installed on the roof in 3 broadly summarised steps: (1) Setting up the ...



Guardrail system installed on parapet

The BARRIER-ATTIKA SYSTEM is a version of the BARRIER guardrail system which is permanently installed on various substructures (e.g. parapet, steel constructions, etc.). Attachment is made using bolts, and can be implemented wherever space is ...



Guardrail system with green roof as superimposed load

In recent years green roofs have become increasingly popular. With the BARRIER- FLEECE-SYSTEM, INNOTECH ensures optimum edge protection on flat roofs. It is a superimposed load version of the BARRIER guardrail system, but it differs in the type of ...



Guardrail system around skylights/strip lights

On a roof, skylights represent a source of danger which is easy to overlook. BARRIER-SKYLIGHT is a superimposed load system and is individually adjustable. For an area up to 1.9 x 1.9 m, the same system parts are used as for VARIO. In addition, at ...



Guardrail system for escape routes

The purpose of the BARRIER-FLEECE-SYSTEM is to create a specified route, in order to evacuate people safely in the event of an emergency. Depending on the construction circumstances, INNOTECH provides 2 superimposed load ESCAPE ROUTES variants. ...



Guardrail system for machinery

BARRIER-MACHINE SAFEGUARDING is a system which secures edges on machinery and in an industrial environment. The different requirements in various areas of industry can be solved individually thanks to the flexibility of BARRIER.



Guardrail system for ladder exits

The BARRIER ASCENT LADDER SYSTEM secures the side exit area of ascent ladders. It is connected to the structure of a customer’s existing ascent ladder, and secures the area of transfer from the ladder to the roof surface (1.5 m to left and right is ...



Enclosure of danger areas

The uncomplicated LIMIT solution from INNOTECH makes people who move at height for their work aware of potential sources of danger. The enclosure, held by superimposed load, is very flexible in use, and takes only a few moments to set up, without the ...


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